FALL 2000

Regular Season Conference Record
Team Results:

Penn State Behrend             5-0, 16-5 overall
La Roche                            3-2, 14-6 overall
Frostburg                            3-2, 11-7 overall
Pitt-Bradford                       2-3, 7-12 overall
Lake Erie                             2-3, 7-13 overall
Pitt-Greensburg                    0-5, 0-12 overall

AMCC Tournament @ Penn State Behrend

Penn State Behrend             8
Pitt-Bradford                       2

Frostburg                             3
La Roche                             2 (2 OT)

Penn State Behrend             5
Frostburg                            4

Champion:  Penn State Behrend

All-Conference Team:
Michelle Malatesta         Penn State Behrend       GK
Jill Barbisch                    Penn State Behrend       DEF
Diane Holtsford              Penn State Behrend       DEF
Jessica Schmidt              Frostburg                       DEF
Erin May                        La Roche                       DEF
Laura Furko                   Penn State Behrend       MID 
Jessica Lincolns              Frostburg                      MID   Danielle Foote                Frostburg                      MID
Cathy Alton                    La Roche                      MID
Michelle Gutting              Penn State Behrend      FWD Amy Foote                     Frostburg                     FWD
Lindsay Talbot                La Roche                     FWD
Sara Hamed                    Pitt-Bradford               FWD

Honorable Mention:  Jessica Richardson           Frostburg                GK
Tracy Dolence                  Lake Erie                GK
Lisa Gonzalez                   Lake Erie                DEF
Chiara Deiaco                  Frostburg                DEF
Kelly Parkhill                    Pitt-Bradford          DEF
Danielle Amiano                La Roche               DEF
Katie Giles                        Penn State Behrend  MID
Kristin Antonchak             Lake Erie               MID
DeAnna Johnson               Pitt-Bradford          MID
Lisa Liptak                        La Roche               MID
Bethany Cummings            Penn State Behrend    FWD
Katie Jayne                       Lake Erie               FWD
Annick Toulouse               Lake Erie               FWD
Angie Weaver                   Frostburg               FWD
Lindsay Wagerer               La Roche               FWD

Most Valuable Player:                    Michelle Malatesta, Penn State Behrend
Newcomer of the Year:                 Aubrey Nicksich, Penn State Behrend
Co-Coaches of the Year:               Dan Perritano, Penn State Behrend
                                                     Peter Butler, Pitt-Bradford 

9/6                                           Laura Furko                    Penn State Behrend
9/11                                         Lyndsay Talbot                La Roche
9/18                                         Kristy Lesh                      La Roche
9/25                                         Michelle Gutting               Penn State Behrend
10/2                                         Sara Hamed                    Pitt-Bradford
10/9                                         Lyndsay Talbot                La Roche
10/16                                       Bethany Cummings           Penn State Behrend
10/23                                       Sara Hamed                     Pitt-Bradford
10/30                                       Diane Holtsford                Penn State Behrend

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