AMCC Code of Conduct

The practice and promotion of good sportsmanship and ethical conduct by all members of the AMCC community (i.e., staff, student-athletes, coaches, and spectators) shall be of paramount importance.

Conference coaches, team members and institutional staff members must exhibit professional decorum in dealings with other coaches, officials, players, institutional staff members, spectators, and members of the media.
 It is the responsibility of conference coaches and administrators to uphold all NCAA rules and conference regulations, and to enforce such rules and regulations with their student-athletes and staff members.
 All members of the athletic department’s staff and all student-athletes are expected to uphold the highest standards of ethical recruiting practices. Specifically this means: promoting the positive aspects of your own programs rather than speaking negatively of another institution; honoring the attendance decision of the prospective student-athlete; adhering to the letter and spirit of NCAA regulations and policies regarding financial aid and transfer actions; communicating in a timely manner, either coach to coach or AD to AD, any concerns relating to suspected recruiting violations or related ethic misconduct.
 All individuals associated with the Conference and/or its member institutions (e.g., administrators, coaches, student-athletes, SIDs, event staff) are to refrain from making public comments of a negative or derogatory nature about other institutions, coaches, enrolled or prospective student-athletes, officials/umpires, or the conference office.